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Here you will find quick links to a range of web sites. These are listed alphabetically within categories:

  • General Web Sites
  • Student Exchange, Gap Year and Volunteer Programs
  • Colleges and Other Education and Training Institutions
  • Other Organisations
  • Links for Parents/Carers

Scroll down to locate sites of interest to you, within each category.

General Web Sites

This section links you to a range of web sites with information about occupations, education, training and employment.

  • A Career in Radiation Oncology: This medical discipline deals with the treatment of cancer and other diseases, using radiation.
  • Accounting: The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia: (You can access a section for school students and university students, with information about studies and careers in the field of accounting:
  • Ace Day Jobs: Profiles (including videos) of Australians working in jobs that they are passionate about.
  • ACTU Worksite (Australian Council of Trades Unions - Website for Schools): Information about working conditions, employment regulations and training.
  • Adult Learner Project - Bridge to Study: This project is a joint initiative of Griffith University and QUT, to assist prospective students to prepare for tertiary study. Information about pathways to further study, glossary of common terms and jargon, tips and resources on time management and career decision making, links to information about financial support and scholarships, and more.
  • Agrifood Careers: Information about food, fibre, and animal production, food processing, amenity horticulture and other areas related to food, animal and landcare. Also refers to issues about the environment and sustainability.
  • Apprenticeships Info: This Queensland Government site has a range of information related to apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • ArtsHub: Industry information, news, reviews and job information. (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Architecture, Design, Publishing).
  • Australian Apprenticeships:  Information on occupations covered by apprenticeships, plus links regarding apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service: This site includes occupational videos and aptitude quizzes for those interested in undertaking traineeships and apprenticeships.
  • Australian Computer Society: Information about accredited courses of study in the field of Information Communication and Technology.
  • Australian Blueprint for Career Development:  The Blueprint provides the framework for designing, acting on, reflecting and evaluating career development. It helps you to identify the knowledge, attitudes and skills that are important to underpin wise decisions and to map and manage your career throughout different stages of life.
  • Australian Defence Force Jobs List: Provides information on recruitment, training, careers and positions available in the Navy, Army, and Air Force.
  • Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS): AFTRS is Australia's national screen arts and broadcast school, established in 1973.
  • Australian Mathematical Society - Graduate Careers Online: This site has a section for students who want to find out more about career fields in mathematics and also has interesting profiles about people working in maths related employment.
  • Australian Taxation Office: Tax facts for youth.
  • Aviation Australia: One of the largest trainers of flight attendants and aircraft maintenance engineers. The Brisbane base for this organisation is near the Brisbane airport complex.
  • British Council Australia: Information about studies in the UK is accessible from this site.
  • Building a Better Future. Construction - I can do that: This site highlights the range of career paths and the opportunities for training and employment for women in various areas of the construction industry and also profiles many of the women who are working in these different fields:
  • Career FAQs: All you need for career news, advice, resumes and cover letters.
  • Career Harvest: Showcases career opportunities and pathways available in the food and fibre industries and provides information about internships and scholarships.
  • Careerone: Australia's biggest job network. Check for job vacancies and find information related to job search skills and career awareness.
  • Career Planning: This is a resource from the Training WA website (Government of Western Australia), with a range of career planning tools.
  • Careers in Chemistry: The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Career Profiles provide insights for students interested in a career working within the chemistry field.
  • Careers in Insurance: Information about the types of businesses and career roles associated with the insurance industry.
  • Careers in Law: Resources from the Queensland Law Society provide useful information about various aspsects of education, training and careers in legal fields.
  • Careers in Science: This publication is produced by Graduate Careers Australia and provides an overview of career fields involving sciences. The website of the Australian Academy of Science also has profiles and other information about scientists and their work:
  • Careers Online: Australian site with a wide range of information to help you explore your future.
  • Centrelink: Provides a range of social, educational and health-related services and payments, within the Australian Government's  Department of Human Services:
  • Chartered Accountants: This site has a range of information about the role of Chartered Accountants. By selecting the Students tab on the web page, students can access information about study and training programs.
  • Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council: Also refer to the Industries A-Z directory, which lists information about the various community services & health sectors relating to a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification:
  • Construct My Career: This is the website of the Construction and Property Services Industries Skills Council and provides information about the Building and Construction Industry and the Property Services Industry, career information and planning, the employment of women in these industry fields, and more.
  • CourseFinder: This site provides information and links to a range of online and distance education courses offered through universities, TAFEs and private colleges.
  • Courses Directory: This site assists students to explore options for further study. The site features courses Australia-wide.
  • Criminology and related fields: Career information (Australian Institute of Criminology).
  • Department of Education: (Australian Government) Information about education policies and support.
  • Department of Education, Training and Employment (Queensland Government website): Information on courses, jobs and careers, training and apprenticeships.
  • Department of Employment: (Australian Government) Information about employment policies and support.
  • Design Institute of Australia: and the section titled About Design:
  • Dietitians Association of Australia: The following link provides information about university courses and recognition of qualifications: The Student Centre section of the Nutrition Australia web site has information about careers in nutrition and dietetics:
  • Discover Your Career is an online career resource developed by the National Tourism Alliance with the support of the Federal Government to promote tourism and hospitality career pathways. The site offers career advice, training resources and job vacancies.
  • Dot Diva: This site states "We're young women with the power and passion to make a difference. We believe in the potential of computing to build a better world." This is an informative site with many profiles of women working in various fields, and tapping the potential of information technologies and telecommunications. Covers areas as diverse as mobile phone technology, sports, medicine, forensics, archaeology, and more.
  • Dusseldorp Skills Forum Publications: A resource for research papers produced by the Dusseldorp Skills Forum. Areas include youth affairs, education and training, and employment issues.
  • Engineering:
  • Engineer Your Career: This site has links to a range of interesting information abou engineering:
  • Engineers Australia: The Professional Development/Career Development Centre of the Engineers Australia site has useful resources: and
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers: Energy4me (careers in engineering - petroleum and gas industries):
  • Fair Work: The Fair Work Ombudsman is an independent statutory agency that informs and advises workers, prospective workers and employers about workplace rights and the conditions of employment. For information: and
  • Foundation for Young Australians:
  • FRANK: The FRANK Team states its aim “to provide authentic, innovative and fun training to help make your ideas, career, and business a reality [with a ] style of delivery and values [that] have hit the mark with thousands of young people and corporates. If you're looking for genuine inspiration, training, resources, speakers and all things entrepreneurial in your life, check out The FRANK Team.”
  • Get Out There (a survival guide for young adults): This Queensland Government site includes information and tips about finances, renting, buying a car, job-hunting, and more:
  • GoGetta Job (Jobs for Youth): This site is a portal for young people (ages 14 - 20), parents, schools and employers, offering job information, tips to support the career process, and access to job vacancies.
  • Graduate Careers Australia: This organisation is the leading authority regarding employment issues for Australian graduates. The website provides a range of information and free resources for download, much of which would be helpful and of interest to upper secondary school students and their parents.
  • Graphic Arts: Information about what is involved in Sign, Graphic and Digital Print Careers, and your options for training and employment.
  • Health Careers in the Bush: Facts about health professional courses in Queensland. Useful information for anyone keen to explore health-related careers, training, scholarships, courses and more. (Select the menu tab for school students.)  
  • Hobson's Course Finder: Provides a guide to pathways and options in education, training and careers. Access to a comprehensive and independent information source about tertiary education pathways.
  • Hospitality - 'Discover Hospitality':  and Discover Your Career (an online career resource developed by the National Tourism Alliance with the support of the Federal Government to promote tourism and hospitality career pathways).
  • Hubbard's School: Offers tutoring programs and bridging courses, plus preparatory courses for UMAT and the QCST.
  • I choose technology: This is a resource for those interested in a career in ICT - dreamers, big thinkers, inventors, constructors and team players. There are careers in the ICT field for a range of personalities.
  • Job Guide: The Job Guide is a very useful tool to assist in accessing job descriptions, information about training programs and details of the qualifications related to a wide range of occupational areas. This site also provides links to other resources for further information on education and training.
  • Job Outlook: This Commonwealth Government site includes information about job prospects, job descriptions, and employment statistics, and also has links to other sites and job vacancies.
  • Journalism Education Association of Australia: This site has a section about Journalism courses.
  • Law: Information about Law studies is available from the website of the Council of Australian Law Deans Law in Australia: Legal Careers: This web page from the Queensland Law Society provides useful information about various aspsects of education, training and careers in the Law field.
  • Maths: Make Your Career Count: This site profiles a range of career fields where maths knowledge and skills are important; examples include chef, travel agent, zoo keeper, personal trainer, hairdresser and landscape builder.
  • Maths: Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI): This web site has a range of resources to help you to investigate careers that use mathematics.
  • Medical Careers - Guide to becoming a Doctor: This guide has been produced by the Australian Medical Association (AMA: and gives an overview of the steps to becoming a doctor, as well as an explanation of the bonded scholarships and the bonded medical places that are offered to medical students by the Australian Government. The guide is available on the AMA website at
  • Midwifery (Australian College of Midwives):
  • MoneySmart: This website is run by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to assist people to make effective financial choices. MoneySmart Rookie has a particular focus for those aged under 25, with information about financial matters related to credit, buying a car, employment, study, moving out of home - and more:
  • Music Career
  • Music Council of Australia: Includes information for those considering music-related careers.
  • myfuture: An Australian on-line career information service funded by the government. Access facts about careers, wages, courses, regional occupational profiles, working in Australia and overseas, personal career decision-making activities. Offers an option to register to receive personalised information. myfuture Facebook:
  • My Health Career: This Australian resource has a wide range of information about careers in health and also includes news items about contemporary health issues.
  • My Skills: A directory of skills and training in Australia - assists you to search for training organisations and access information about qualifications.
  • Nurse Info: This Royal College of Nursing (Australia) site has information about nursing, midwifery and relevant career fields.
  • Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia:
  • On the Job: This site is designed for students in Years 5 - 10. It features activities, games and information about a range of careers:
  • Open Universities Australia: The Open Universities system enables access to a range of courses, via external study programs.
  • Performing Arts:Stage Whispers This site provides career-related information, news, reviews and other resources about the performing arts scene in Australia:
  • Psychology: Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council:
  • Radiation Oncology: 'A Career in Radiation Oncology' This medical discipline deals with the treatment of cancer and other diseases, using radiation.
  • Service Skills Australia: This site provides information about a range of service industry sectors (e.g., retailing; sport, fitness and recreation areas; travel and tourism; events; accommodation, restaurants and catering; hairdressing and beauty, and others: It also provides a link to The Job I Love - Your guide to careers in the service industries:
  • SkillsOne: This site has links to videos and other resources about trades and skills.
  • Skillsroad: This site provides information about a range of industries and training options and also provides access to a resume builder and a career quiz.
  • Sports: For information about sports and related areas, visit the following sites. Sportspeople: Includes information on jobs, careers, and learning related to sports-related fields. The Australian Sports Commission has information about participating in sports, careers in sports, scholarships and other details:
  • Student Connect: Students must access this site to check their individual Learning Account held by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). Student Connect also provides resources to assist students with information about courses, careers and employment.
  • Study Assist: This Australian government website included information about tertiary study options, study costs/fees and government loans, scholarships and awards.
  • StudyLink (Australian College & Training Guide): This site assists with searches for courses of study in Australia.
  • StudyLink: This provides a searchable database of courses of study abroad: Europe, Japan, Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand. Visit and use the site to search for course options at all levels of study.
  • Study Overseas: This is an Australian Government web site that provides Australian students with information about the prospects for study overseas as part of their tertiary education programs or as part of a program offered via a Registered Training Organisation.
  • This site provides access to the National Register on Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia.
  • Travel Industry Careers Association: Provides information about the travel and tourism industry, including education and training, and occupational/career areas.
  • Uni Australia: Includes reviews, ratings and rankings on universities and courses, a comprehensive National University Course Directory with information about each course, and a University Comparison feature.
  • Urban Planning ('Planning: Shaping the world we live in'): Information on careers and study options in urban planning. It is a Victorian site and refers to tertiary programs available in that state. However, there is a range of useful general information about the nature of planning and about working in that career field.
  • Veterinary Careers: Australian Veterinary Association and Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia: Resources from the website of the Essendon Vet Clinic are helpful (look under the tab - Careers): Useful information is also available from the web pages of the Animal Industries Resource Centre (Veterinary nursing and related areas of study):
  • Workcover Queensland - Queensland's safety and workers' compensation services: This site includes information and helpful resources to prepare for safety awareness in your workplace.
  • Young Worker Toolkit: Tips for young workers. This government website (Fair Work Ombudsman) is designed to help young people find information about workplace responsibilities and rights.
  • Your Career Guide: This Australian site provides a range of helpful resources of interest to secondary students.
  • The central hub of government information for young people (Australian Government site)

Student Exchange, Gap Year and Volunteer Programs

There are many organisations offering GAP programs, exchanges and volunteer projects. Here is a list of some of these providers. 

Universities, Colleges and Other Education and Training Institutions

Other Organisations

Here is a sample of various Australian and international organisations and services.


  • (Australian Government) Department of Education: Information about education policies and support.
  • (Australian Government) Department of Employment: Information about employment policies and support.
  • Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA):
  • Education Queensland (EQ):
  • Group of Eight (Go8): Go8 is a coalition of leading Australian universities, focusing on intensive research and comprehensive education programs. The Go8 institutions are: The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide, The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales, The Australian National University, The University of Queensland, Monash University and The University of Melbourne. 
  • Hobson's Course Finder: Provides a guide to pathways and options in education, training and careers. Access to a comprehensive and independent information source about tertiary education pathways.
  • MyUniversity: This Australian government site provides information about the higher education system, including providers and courses, as well as financial assistance for studies.
  • Office for Women: This is a Queensland Government web site, providing a range of information about work and life, leadership and community, health and safety, news items and more:
  • Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA): and Student Connect: Students must access the Student Connect site to check their individual QCAA Learning Account. The Student Connect site also provides resources to assist students with information about courses, careers and employment.
  • Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC):
  • South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC):
  • Student Connect: Students must access this site to check their individual Learning Account. Student Connect is a web service established by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) to assist students to obtain information about courses, careers and employment.
  • UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test):
  • Uni Australia: This site includes student reviews, ratings and rankings on Australian universities and courses, a comprehensive National University Course Directory with information about each course, and a University Comparison feature.
  • Universities Admissions Centre (UAC): For applications to tertiary institutions in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory
  • Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC):
  • Western Australia: Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC): 


Short programs - studying abroad during your Secondary schooling: Examples of programs offering experiences in international university settings, for secondary students.

  • Cambridge Immerse: Held on the Cambridge University campus, England; age range 16 - 18 years (e.g., Australian Years 11 - 12).
  • Oxbridge Academic programs: Programs at universities in various international locations. Copy and paste the following web link into your browser.
  • The Oxford Experience: Academic programs open to British and International students; based at Oxford University, UK.
  • The Oxford Summer Academy: Academic programs for students aged 16 - 19 years.
  • - Study Abroad Programs: The site provides a directory of programs, including high school opportunities, language programs, volunteer programs, through to degree-based programs.
  • Summerfuel: Focus on cultural engagement, language study, and academic enrichment opportunities. Programs are offered in the USA and elsewhere.

Study Abroad during your post-school studies, while attending university, or during a post-school VET program:

  • There are over 4000 exchange agreements between Australian universities and overseas tertiary institutions. There are also opportunities for students engaged in Vocaional Education and Training (VET) programs. For information:

Links for Parents/Carers

Information to assist Parents/Carers

Tertiary institutions offer a range of information and tips to assist parents/carers in supporting young people to consider study options and to make a successful transition into tertiary study. Here is a list of sites provided for parents/carers by Queensland institutions. Interstate tertiary institutions have similar sites, as do many other education and training providers.

Other helpful resources for parents/carers:

Job Guide: (From this site, access the leaflet, Parents Talking Career Choices)

myfuture - Assist your child:

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA):

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