Science is one of the core learning areas in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.  In the Senior years, we offer Chemistry, Biology and Physics.


Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 Science

Students will study Science as a full year subject.  All lessons will be in a laboratory and this facilitates our strong focus on scientific investigations.

Girls work scientifically to develop a knowledge and understanding of key concepts that help them make sense of the physical and biological worlds. In addition, they understand the nature of science as a way of knowing and the interaction between science and society. There is emphasis on the processes of Science and how they, and scientific knowledge, can be applied in a responsible manner.

Extensive use is made of co-operative learning and laboratory activities in an attempt to have students construct their own personal meaning of scientific ideas.  At the heart of the course is a desire for personal construction around a sound knowledge base - not memorisation of a collection of facts.  Our knowledge is open to challenge and scientific endeavour is conducted in the pursuit of more reliable knowledge.


Senior Years Science


The study of Biology provides students with opportunities to gain insight into the scientific manner of investigating problems pertaining to the living world, to experience the processes of science which lead to the discovery of new knowledge, and to develop a deeper understanding and an enhanced aesthetic appreciation of the living world.

Participation in Biology enables students to engage in creative scientific thinking and to apply their knowledge in practical situations. The study of Biology will help students foresee the consequences for the living world of their own, and society's, activities. This will enable them to participate as informed and responsible citizens in decision-making processes, the outcomes of which will affect the living world both now and in the future.


Chemistry seeks to acquaint students with the language and fundamentals of chemical science, so that they develop an interest in, and understanding of, the properties and structure of matter and the changes which occur in chemical reactions. In addition, the role and impact of chemical science in society and the processes and skills associated with sound scientific practice are developed. It is aimed both at students who are University-bound and others with an interest in chemical science.  Chemistry is a practical-based subject.


Physics is the study of the universe and how it works. Its applications have produced and continue to produce benefits to society. The course seeks to develop a curiosity in students about the world around them; to appreciate the usefulness of physics in explaining natural phenomena; to be able to speculate and hypothesise about logical relationships, deductions and consequences of scientific ideas; to solve problems set in real-world contexts using scientific inquiry and to acquire a broad general knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics.


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