Mathematics is a unique and powerful way of viewing the world to investigate pattern, order, generality and uncertainty. It enhances a student's understanding of the world in a rapidly changing society.


The Mathematics Faculty at Moreton Bay College aims to provide the opportunity for student development of:

  • ·         knowledge, procedures and essential skills
  • ·         modelling and problem-solving strategies
  • ·         the capacity to justify and communicate in a variety of forms

At Moreton Bay College, students will be provided with opportunities to enhance their numeracy, literacy and life skills to become effective, competent members of communities and to make informed decisions in a range of situations from life-related to purely mathematical.

The study of mathematics encourages students to work systematically and logically, to conjecture and reflect, to justify and communicate. It endeavours to raise confidence and provide a basis for a wide range of further studies and future vocations.

Furthermore, students live in a technologically advancing society. Access to, and the efficient and effective use of technology, in particular, graphics calculator and computer technology, will be an integrated focus of lessons.

Moreton Bay College offers a range of mathematical subjects which cater for the varying ability levels of students.  The skilled and experienced mathematics staff at Moreton Bay College provide differentiation of the curriculum through the implementation of specially designed programs and the use of modern resources. The utilisation of the Hotmaths comprehensive mathematics learning system (an interactive online maths learning, teaching and assessment resource for students) also plays an important role in the differentiation and monitoring process.  Daily tutorial sessions during lunch provide further opportunities to assist students in their consolidation of the mathematics subjects offered (as listed below).

  • Mathematics (Year 7)
  • Mathematics (Year 8)
  • Mathematics (Year 9)
  • Mathematics A Preparatory (Year 10)
  • Mathematics B Preparatory (Year 10)
  • Mathematics B Preparatory Enrichment (Year 10)
  • Prevocational Mathematics (Year 11 & Year 12)
  • Mathematics A (Year 11 & Year 12)
  • Mathematics B (Year 11 & Year 12)
  • Mathematics C (Year 11 & Year 12)


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