Health & Physical Education

A Healthy Positive Experience – this is the message the Physical Education Department is sending to all students at Moreton Bay College. In doing this, the Health and Physical Education program for Years 7 to 10 provides students with the opportunity to learn individually and collaboratively to make decisions, take actions and apply skills to promote health and wellbeing. The program allows for the development of a positive personal attitude to reflect and make informed decisions. These decisions will connect with topics related to personal, social and community health, along with the development of concepts/skills for movement and physical activity.

Students will investigate and apply a range of movement concepts across myriad practical activities and have opportunities to transfer knowledge and movement concepts to a variety of different movement situations. They will investigate strategies to enhance their movement and fitness outcomes, while also refining their ability to work individually and in a team. In doing this, students will develop skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships and promote fair play. This will provide them with valuable knowledge as they move into Years 11 and 12, where they will have the opportunity to study specialised courses in Health Education, Physical Education and a Certificate III in Fitness.

In Health Education at MBC, students have the opportunity to examine the various factors that work together to create lifelong health decisions, learning and active citizenship. Through the utilisation of health, behavioural, social and physical sciences, the Senior Health course offers students a curriculum that is contemporary, relevant, challenging and enjoyable. Furthermore, students are able to examine healthy living through an exploration of resources that develop people’s well-being. Students will learn that being a ‘Health Educated’ person means critical reflection on the health and well-being of self and others in order to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion.

In Physical Education, students have the opportunity to focus on the complex interrelationships between performance in physical activities and the underpinning psychological, biomechanical, physiological and sociological factors that influence performance and participation. Students will be able to explore and develop their skills in multiple physical activities, whilst critically reflecting on their performance through an analytical lens.

Finally, the field of fitness studies provides students the opportunity to be competent in a range of essential skills required in the sport, fitness and recreation industry, whilst receiving their Certificate III in Fitness.

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