Visual Art in the Primary Curriculum

The Visual Arts focuses on students' making, displaying and appraising images and objects. Students develop perceptual and conceptual understandings of visual language, enabling them to appreciate and interpret the symbol systems and visual communication of cultures and societies, past and present. They engage in experiences to develop personal expression, aesthetic judgment and critical awareness. Students get satisfaction and enjoyment from making images and objects and displaying them.

Visual Arts learning outcomes are organised in terms of making, displaying and appraising images and objects. These are interrelated and complementary processes. The appraising of images and objects should be related to the processes of making and displaying when planning learning activities and assessment opportunities.

In the MBC Primary School the girls enjoy engaging art experiences every week with a Specialist Art teacher.

When you combine an exciting sequential Art program, that links with the Class Teacher’s program, a purpose built Primary Art room and an extensive range of materials and resources, every girl at MBC is able to develop their innate love of this subject.

Each week the girls look forward to Art. In any year level they are exposed to a variety of drawing media and a range of painting techniques. They use clay to produce both functional and non-functional pieces, fired on site in our own kiln. They create with papier-mâché and other construction materials along with many other forms of Art including printmaking, fibre art, sculpture and design.

By way of introduction, art lessons always begin with some motivational work on the theme or topic before any hands on activity takes place. Students are taught the skills and processes needed to solve the challenging tasks set for them. They are then given opportunities to display and discuss their work.

At MBC, art is displayed formally and informally on campus throughout the year and in the wider community at a variety of Student Exhibitions. These exhibitions provide a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our Visual Art program to parents, friends of the College and prospective families.

Music in the Primary Curriculum

Music is an important part of the curriculum at MBC, with girls enjoying two lessons each week with a highly experienced specialist music teacher, in a well-equipped, purpose built music room. In these lessons, girls learn the basic music concepts through singing, dancing, playing games, listening and playing instruments. Music class sizes are very small and all girls are provided with the experience of learning an instrument through the classroom music programme.  

The class music programme caters for all children, regardless of ability, as all girls benefit from involvement in musical activities. Thinking skills, sensitivity, co-operation, physical co-ordination and a sense of accomplishment are just a few of the outcomes of our developmental music programme.

All girls have the opportunity to perform musically in many different ways including singing and playing musical instruments to a partner or small group, performing individually or as a group for the class and whole class, group and individual performances at assemblies. Our programne provides performance opportunities for all girls regardless of musical ability or experience.

Technology is used to help the girls with their composition, study of world music, study of instruments of the orchestra, and for reinforcement of rudiments.

Co-Curricular Music offers extraordinary choice with individual or group tuition available on all orchestral and band instruments as well as guitar, piano and voice. Our ensemble program allows girls to participate in choirs, bands, recorder ensemble and orchestras. We have choral groups who perform at assemblies, Open Day, eisteddfods and community events. 

Through participation in our music program, we aim to develop in our students a love of music, positive self-esteem and life skills.

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