Information Communication & Technology

The use of computer technology is an integral part of the curriculum in the Primary School, not as isolated lessons, but as a tool for learning. The girls in all year levels have the opportunity to work with computers in all subject areas as appropriate for their needs.

They may use the computer in Mathematics to illustrate concepts, to graph data that has been collected or to display information in a logical manner. In Science, data may be stored, collated and illustrated with the help of the computer. Computers are a valuable aid for publishing student work in English, and the ability to type and edit their own work gives girls confidence in themselves. Games are available to enhance knowledge, understanding and pronunciation in Japanese and French. In Music, the girls use programs that allow them to research musical instruments or to compose their own music.

The Internet is a powerful tool for research and is used widely by the girls to supplement information available in books and other print-based media. In the Primary School, the girls are able to use the Internet for their research and are taught to be wary of possible bias in the information available. E-mail and the Internet also give the girls the opportunity to communicate with others, be they friends, penpals found in the Travel Buddies program in Year 4 or experts in various fields.

Primary students can access computers within their classrooms or in their own computer laboratory. There are specially designed cluster rooms of eight PCs adjacent to classrooms in the Primary School. We have Interactive White Boards in all year levels and specialist classroom teaching spaces. Students from Year 4 have laptop computers for use in the classrooms and to support learning at home. 

Staff are trained in the area of ICT regularly and are confident to teach the vital skills needed to apply their understanding and learning through technlogy. All teachers are supplied with their own laptop computer and innovative teaching practice is advocated. We also have a very strong focus on the teaching of cybersafe practices to girls from a very young age.  

The use of computer technology is a wonderful tool and a fine addition to a well balanced curriculum. But computers should not be seen as anything more. Our use of computers in the Primary School of Moreton Bay College is designed to offer the girls a wide range of experiences and just one more way to work and learn.

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