Health & Physical Education

Our main aims in Physical Education at MBC are for girls to:

  • Be physically active every day – to do Huff and Puff activities every day
  • Eat breakfast and have a balanced nutritious lunch
  • Focus on improvement in their skill performance and in their fitness

What Parents and Carers Can Do

Children’s success and health is heavily dependent on family attitudes.

  • Be positive about her improvement.
  • Please play games together.
  • Make regular physical activity a part of family life – catch, throw, skip, ride, walk, jog, swim, balance.  Have fun!
  • Monitor what goes into their lunch boxes, and mouths at other meals.
  • Encourage your daughter to widen her social experiences.  Join a club.
  • Talk about personal development and health issues openly.

In all Year levels our focus continues to be on improvement, from one year to the next and from one lesson to the next. The older girls measure their fitness level a number of times during the year. Lessons incorporate fitness warm ups and teaching skills to further promote improvement in fitness and performance.

Prep to Year 3

Girls in Prep to Year 3 learn the basic skills needed to be able to participate in formal games as they get older. They learn to throw, catch, roll, kick, trap, dribble, bounce, hit and stop balls of different sizes and shapes, using different apparatus and different parts of their bodies. They participate in a motor program to improve their gross motor and fine motor control and enjoy lessons on skipping and dance. These skills are used in simple games and are reinforced in later years when applied to more recognisable team sports.

Years 4 to 6

In Years 4-6 girls practise specific skills that can be used in minor games and lead-up games related to regular sports. Striking skills are used in activities related to tennis, hockey and softball, and throwing and catching skills may be practised in games related to basketball, netball and touch. Girls are exposed to a large variety of different skills and are encouraged to participate in sporting teams both within and outside the College.

Interhouse Carnivals

Interhouse Carnivals in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and Ball Games at Moreton Bay College bring out some of the best attributes of our College Community. Girls practise in lessons and in their own time and everyone participates as fully as they can which means we see a day of: Effort, Enthusiasm, Excellent participation, Exciting house and school spirit, and Exuberant parent support.


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