Bronwyn Herbert (nee Irvine)

MBC 1937-1950Bronwyn Herbert

In 1983 while still raising a family of four, Bronwyn completed her Bachelor of Social Work degree and began a new career as a social worker. For the past 29 years, she has provided counselling and support to children and their families in crisis in both a professional and voluntary capacity, particularly to childhood victims of sexual assault and family violence; in advocacy on behalf of clients with medical, educational, legal and social services; and in counselling and supporting homeless adolescents.

Bronwyn currently works as the Community Program Manager for Silky Oak Children's Haven, managing the Homeless Program and the Therapy/Counselling Program. She received her Master of Social Work (Research) in 1996 and is currently working towards obtaining her PhD through the University of Queensland. Bronwyn's PhD involves undertaking research of homeless families and looking particularly at the needs of the vulnerable children accompanying the families who present homeless and in crisis.

In the years 1996 to 2004, Mrs Herbert worked as the Coordinator of the Parent Aide Unit at the Royal Children's Hospital, developing, implementing and monitoring early intervention and prevention programs such as the Commonwealth's Strengthening Families Program (which provided support for families with mental health and substance dependence issues), and an Indigenous program to train and supervise Indigenous Parent Aides to provide culturally appropriate support for referred Indigenous families. The Parent Aide Unit was named a Queensland Health State winner in the 2002 National Community Link Volunteer Awards.

Bronwyn's goal is simple: 'to make a difference for the families and young people I work with and help them achieve their goals'. Her work and her community involvements are an intrinsic part of her life and with her vocational skills and academic excellence. Mrs Herbert is committed to service in the community having given her time consistently over the past 29 years in many voluntary counselling roles such as Bayside Adolescent Boarding, Young Parents Interagency Network Committee, Wynnum Anglican Community Service Committee, Protect All Children Today (PACT) and the Housing Resource Service Management Committee. In 2001 Mrs Herbert received a Royal Children's Hospital and Health Service District Award .

Bronwyn was awarded the Moreton Bay College Medal in 2009.

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